Three Reasons Why People Won’t Buy And Three Ways To Fix It!

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Most of us at some point in our career have experienced the frustration of being unable to “close the deal”! We’ve walked away wondering what else could have been said, shown or done in order to GTC (Get The Check).

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Most of us at some point in our career have experienced the frustration of being unable to “close the deal”! We’ve walked away wondering what else could have been said, shown or done in order to GTC (Get The Check).

Well, I’m here to suggest to you that sometimes it’s simply not the right time for the prospect to “get in”, “do the deal” or “sign up”. For some unknown (or known) reason, the timing just doesn’t seem to fit their lifestyle right now. We’ve all heard the expression, No doesn’t mean NO … it just means, not right now!

I submit to you that people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care! It is up to you (the seller) to communicate to your prospect with every means of communication you have, to become their friend. That’s right … their friend!! No one wants to buy from a stranger; everyone prefers to buy from someone they know, someone they feel they can trust. It’s our job to get from stranger to friend as quickly as possible.

Three reasons why people won’t buy:

1 – No Money
2 – No Need
3 – No Trust

When responding to someone’s interest, we must first determine at what “level” his or her interest lies. Simply put, there’s a big difference in someone who is just “interested” as opposed to someone who is “committed” .If you are working over the phone or through email, the following three questions may help you in determining a person’s interest level and assist you with qualifying your prospect.

You may open up your memo or conversation with …”I’m responding to your request for more information about the ecommerce opportunity found on our website”.

1 – What kind of work are you in now?

You are wanting them to say (or write) something to the effect of “… they are tired of what they are doing or looking for some sort of change …” Most likely if they are not unhappy with what they are presenting involved in, there may not be enough motivation to commit to another opportunity. They at least need to want to supplement what they are currently doing with an additional plan.

2 – Are you looking for something full-time or part-time?

This will give you a good idea of their commitment level (if any). Everyone has his or her own definition of what part-time means as opposed to full-time. Most would agree that full-time is anything over forty hours in a single week. However, keep in mind that a great number of individuals wind up treating a part-time position as a hobby and therefore, getting paid as if it were a hobby! Someone who is truly hungry for a change in his or her lifestyle may need to under go a complete paradigm shift.

3 – What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

Listen to their answer, it may be a bit undefined but you will sense in their “story” whether or not there’s a fit for them in your business.

Begin to tell them a little bit about your business. Give them the “sizzle message” about what’s hot with your deal and why they need to be a part of the team. Include several “buzz words” to describe your opportunity and allow them to feel your excitement and level of energy!

Most important! Ask them a direct YES or NO question. Preferably a call to action of some sort, that will enable you to take them to the next step of your system and lock them into a commitment. A question such as “Does that sound like something you would like to hear (or receive) more information about?

A lot of times people want YOU to answer more questions at this time. They may ask you things like:

1 - How much is it?
2 – What do I have to do?

My suggestion is to plug them into a “system” and let the system answer their questions. Even if you know the answers, it’s still better to let the system do the work for you. Why? Simply put … it’s duplicatable! You may be a super savvy salesperson but your prospect may not have your talent or skill level. Therefore, they think they have to be like you in order to make things work for them. If you have a “system”, everyone can do it!! It’s the old KISS method, (Keep It Simple Sweetheart).

Become their friend and service them again!

See ya sometime …